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Baobab Kitchen
Cook with us!


In our African outdoor kitchen, Baobab Kitchen there is a lot of parties! We have celebrated 1-year olds and 80-year olds, and each moment is unique. It’s among the best things we do! In Baobab Kitchen, you cook and bake over fire together with us. You can help out as much as you like, and enjoy togetherness in the light of a crackling fire and oil lamps, surrounded by African rhythms. You can share this experience with your friends, colleagues, family, wine tasters, teammates, and church groups…. Everyone comes to us, and we love it! ”It’s like coming to someone’s house, without having to do any preparations & washing up afterwards”. It’s exactly how we like it – enjoyable, exciting & relaxing – and of course with your own touch to it! We promise that it will be tasty!

You book Baobab Kitchen for four hours, during the day, afternoon, or evening. We welcome groups of 10 to 30 people from Mid-May to the first weekend of October. The cooking takes about 1.5 hr. and after this, you will enjoy your meal and the time together. Monday to Friday, we take bookings from 12. The last booking is between 18- 22. On days when our Café is open until 16, we are ready to receive guests at 18-22. You are more than welcome to call or email your plans, or share them across a table in our Café. We like to hear your wishes!

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Are you more than 30? Let’s get in touch so we can plan together. It's important that everybody will have enough space and a good time! Bigger groups (more than 30) work best on days when the Café is not open, giving us some time to prepare. Smaller groups (fewer than 10) are also very welcome. The price for the cooking will then be slightly higher per person. Our minimum price for a group is based on the cost of 10 adults.

Our passion is to offer flavours that vibrate of the African joy and freedom of cooking over fire. There are no ON and OFF buttons, almost no measuring cups, and stop watches…We cook food from many African countries, with some emphasis on the South African Cape-Malay kitchen, which lie very close to our hearts. Make your choice and combine the dishes, as you like, based on our Meal suggestions & Prices. Remember that all members in the group agree on one specific menu. Our price varies depending on the choices you make. Please download our Meal suggestions & Prices (in Swedish) that are updated yearly.

Allergies, vegetarian meals or special requests? We will help you to design a menu that will suit everyone. This is part of our service, and it does not cost anything extra. Except if many alternative ingredients are used for the whole group (for example lactose /milk free dairy products). African tradition says that ’guests deserve the best’. We therefore select our ingredients with care, and always use real butter, organic milk, organic eggs & bananas. We serve ice cream made with real cream & vanilla pods, and never use MSG’s (for example sodium glutamate, E621). When it’s possible, we use organic ingredients. For many years now, we heat our kitchen with locally made charcoals from Hedesunda.

You can bring your own drinks to the cooking and to the supper. A variety of glasses are available, as well as cork screws and openers. Our own citrus water is available for everyone. There is a small fridge for our guests. We also sell exotic fruit juices by the glass from our Café menu. All our meal suggestions include hot drinks after the meal. We serve our own African coffee Freshly Ground Arabica, from small farms in Africa, and our own African Bushtea, in seven different varieties.

Conferences & African dance

We will create an all-inclusive package for your business or society, to spend a whole day at our beautiful & relaxing oasis. Last year, some groups danced Afrodance with Cosmos Azoba, dance teacher from Nigeria. It was a success! If you’re interested, we can tell you more…

Afrodance Cooking!!

We repeat the success from last year on Friday 16 August! You can book individually or in a group to dance with our friend dance teacher Cosmos Azoba (min 10-max 30 people) and then cook together in Baobab Kitchen. We had a fantastic time least year!
Read more at our website & Calendar:

What do we wear?

Come in relaxed comfortable clothes and shoes that can get a bit smoky, and are relatively warm. Baobab Kitchen is entirely an outdoor experience. We have warm blankets to snuggle up in by the fire on those clear starry nights.

Is the Farm Stall open?

The Farm Stall is open. There, you will find new taste sensations and genuine African handicraft, personal & charming. We carefully selected it all. It usually works out best if you shop and pay for the cooking on the way home.

Booking & payment

When you make a booking, we’d like to know the suggested day and time, and approximately for how many. It’s good to make a preliminary booking, which will give you time to plan. Should some one else wish to book the same day, we’ll give you first choice. We’d like your confirmation as soon as possible, and at least 6 weeks before so that we don’t have to unnecessary reject other groups. One week before you come, we need to know your choices regarding menu and the final number of guests. This, you can send in an email or give us a call! We then ask if anyone in the group has special food requirements (for example, vegetarian, allergy etc.). We happily give you meal suggestions to suit your group. Please let us know as soon as possible, if someone wants to join in your group. We will do our most to accommodate you!

Bookings are binding. For cancellations later than 48 hrs. before the decided time, we will debit 50 % of the price per person. For cancellations later than 6 hours we will charge full price. We plead for your understanding, as all preparations are already made at that time. If you have to cancel – please use our cell number (070-2642109)! Regret, we cannot receive late cancellations on email, because there is often not enough time. You can pay cash and with a debit card or we can invoice your business or work institution. Please make arrangement for invoice payment in advance.

Bookings with children

In Africa, children are always welcome and our wish is that families can enjoy African cooking together. The older children are quite keen to help out around the fires. Sometimes, we make a milder pot for the kids if there are many children. These are the prices for children: Children 0-3 yrs. come for free. Parents can bring food. We gladly help to heat baby food. Children 4-9 yrs pay 30% of full price. We set the table and assume that you eat less than older kids (except for the ice cream). Children 10-12 yrs pay 50% of full price. We set the table and assume that you eat less than adults (except for the ice cream). Teenagers 13 yrs. and older pay full price. Our minimum price for a booking is the sum of 10 adults, or equivalent. Please note that for everyone’s well being, parents must keep an eye on their children near the fires. You can bring outdoor games and activities. We have Boccia & kubb! Please note that the farm stall/shop is not a place for playing, and that the area around our house is private. Many thanks!

Can we bring our dog?

Of course you can! Dogs are very welcome, but please follow these rules: 1. All dogs have to be on a leash. 2. No dogs by the fires when we are cooking. It’s very crowded and accidents may happen. 3. No loose dogs near the little red house, or the big red house. 4. There is a water tap for your dog near the guest toilet. Please bring your own bowl!

Magic moments...

Happy voices, African drums, smiles in the light of fires and oil lamps, freshly baked bread, steaming pots with exciting flavours, scents of citrus, cinnamon, honey & the smoke from the fires - a mix of smells and a growing appetite. Then, the peace and quiet when the velvet night wraps you into a blanket, a crackling fire, the stars are alight...The hosts of Baobab Kitchen could gossip about magic moments, but "What happens in Africa stays in Africa" . Every year, between 1000 and 2000 people come to Taste of Africa to visit the Farm Stall, to have coffee in the Café, or to cook in Baobab Kitchen. This unique African experience, spreads like rings on the water, and people want to come back! Let’s hope that we see each other in the summer! Warm Welcome! Åsa & Nolan

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Stories under the African Baobab tree

Many Africans believe that there is no such thing as a young Baobab. These trees can be enormous and up to 3000 years old. They are probably the oldest life forms in Africa. In the hot dry savannas, a Baobab forms a natural meeting point for the village, a landmark, and a source of raw material. The fibrous bark from the fat trunkis used to make baskets, ropes and hand-platted floor mats. Only a portion of the trunk is used each time and the injury heals rapidly. This makes the harvesting of the bark ecologically sustainable.

The name 'Baobab' is KiSwahili but all countries where the Baobab grows have their own names for this beautiful gigant. In South Africa, a Baobab is called Kremetartboom by Afrikaans people, umShimulu, isiMuhu and isiMuku by the Zulu.

There are many legends and myths about the Baobab. Because the tree looses its leaves in the dry season, it is said that God planted the tree upside-down, with its roots in the air. If you pick the flower of a Baobab, you risk to be attacked by a lion, because the flowers of Baobabs contain lots of spirits. There are also those who believe that if a man drinks an infusion of the bark, he will be protected from crocodiles and become very strong.

We choose the name 'Baobab Kitchen' because of the intimate way Africans live with their Baobab. It is a place in the shade where people meet, eat, and talk to each other - a social tree for social people.

Knowledge is like a Baobab tree - one person's arms are not enough to encompass it.
"- an old African proverb-"